About Us

My Reservation Zone ┬áis the result of personal experience with making various travel reservations. The most trying of all are hotel reservations because I want to know what restaurants, site for site-seeing, shopping, and other specific services are ┬ánearby. I have traveled with pets and children and finding pet- and child-friendly accommodations can be quite challenging — especially at the last minute if a flight is cancelled at your layover stop.

When traveling for business, I want to be certain there is free WiFi in the room and an available business center in case my laptop aircard won’t work. At the very least, i can check my email and send a ticket to the help desk, right?

So I created My Reservation Zone as a place where a person can have one-stop shopping for available, affordable places to stay with the amenities that are perfect for you and yours.

If you have suggestions about what you would find useful, helpful, or just an idea for a better way to lay out the site, please email me at myreservationzone@gmail.com or text me at 251-510-7834.

Thank you for stopping by My Reservation Zone.


Zona B. Taylor, Founder