Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

Just the words conjure up images of ladies in beautiful long dresses relaxing on the lawn of a large plantation home holding an ice-cold glass of lemonade as they smile beguilingly at the gentlemen surrounding them. Ahhh…the scenes from Gone With the Wind are never far away from those words “Atlanta, Georgia.”

Fast forward to today. Atlanta is a large, bustling city with everything a city has to offer — from opera and symphony to professional and college sports as well as Olympic Park to botanical gardens and zoo to historic tours and battle fields to Legoland and shopping galore. There are parks and recreation as well as theme parks and theater. It would be really tough to complain of boredom with a straight face, ya know?

If you know what you will be doing and what attractions you want to be close to, you can choose those during your search for the hotel/lodgings that will meet your unique needs. Start here:

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  1. Good blog. Grateful I found it. Just wished to state how great it is to see somebody else online who values Atlanta as much as I do. It’s really a terrific place to live, love, and raise a household. Enjoy your weekend!

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